Fruit Bowl & Base

Handmade Indigenous fruit bowl & base stand from fallen trees in Far North Queensland.

Hetepheres Armchair

Hetepheres Armchair – Inspired by Hetepheres I, the mother of King Khufu.

Budha Armchair

Budha Armchair – Inspired by Buddhist monastic furniture during the Tang Dynasty.

Fauteuil Confortable

Fauteuil Confortable – Inspired by a French Craftsman.

Lloyd’s Coffee Table

Lloyd’s Coffee Table – Inspired by Lloyds Coffee House on Pope’s Head Alley in London.

De Gois Armchair

De Gois Armchair – Also known by the nicknames “Goisy” & “100% Genuine Leather”.

American Sweetgum Dining Table

American Sweetgum Dining Table – Also known by nicknames “Redgum” & “Over 1000 Hours of Labour”.

Edward Oxford Coffee Table

Edward Oxford – Inspired by the Victorian era.

The Tamworth Coffee Table

The Tamworth Coffee Table – Inspired by one of the largest burls known which was found in Tamworth, New South Wales.


Diphros – Inspired by a four legged stool from ancient Greece. Sometimes called “a chair without arms and a back”.

The Thomas Chippendale Draw Chest

The Thomas Chippendale Draw Chest – Inspired by one of the leading cabinetmakers of the 18th century in England.

Project Name

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Venus of Manly

Venus of Manly – Inspired by the Roman goddess of beauty.

Earl Chesterfield Sofa

Earl Chesterfield Sofa – Inspired by the fourth Earl of Chesterfield during the Philip Stanhope era.

The Chest Draw Chest

The Chest – Inspired by an antique piece of furniture were they mounted short legs to a hollowed tree trunk and attached a lid. By the 1680s the “chest” was made up entirely of draws.

Wooden Dromedary

Wooden Dromedary – Inspired by an even-toed ungulate with fatty deposits known as humps.